25% off - Montmartre by Guy de Jean - Handmade French Luxury - Display Umbrella - Final sale

$85.00 $63.00

This is a discounted display item with minor cosmetic defects. Although the normal warranty and return policy do not apply, the umbrella was carefully inspected and all the moving parts are in perfect condition. The cosmetic defects are described below and you can also refer to the pictures. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a rare and high end European umbrella at an incomparable price.    

Defects summary: Last pictures with red markings. 2 minor defects: Scratches on shaft (1/16th inch) + Manufacturing defect on handle, the upper part around the shaft is slightly misshaped. 

Country of origin: France         Manufacturer: Guy de Jean.

Materials: Steel frame, Lacquered wood, Acetate, Polyester.

Waterproof: Yes.

Manual opening, manual closing.

Original tags: Yes.

Manufacturer's box or bag: No.

Return/ Warranty: No. Final sale.

Shipping: $8.50.

Questions? Please email Leabrig66@yahoo.com.

About Guy de Jean. A French tradition.
Located in the middle of the Bourgogne French country, this family business has designed and manufactured umbrellas and parasols since 1920. In 2011, Guy de Jean was awarded the Living Heritage Label by the French government, a unique distinction that acknowledges the excellence of his skills.