Promenade By Chantal Thomass - Handmade Luxury French Umbrella - Waterproof And UV Protection- Ivory Europeen dome shape

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A Chantal Thomass umbrella is always a very unique and special accessory. Exceptional craftmanship and luxurious fabrics tested by the French Textile Institute.

Country of origin: France        

Brand: Chantal Thomass.

Materials: Steel frame, Lacquered wood, Acetate, Polyester, Lace.

Colors: Ivory/ Off-white canopy. Black lace applique. 

Dimensions:    35" length. 38" diameter.

Waterproof: Yes.

UV protection: SPF50+.

Manual opening, Manual closing.

Designer's gift box or bag: Yes.

Return/ Warranty: Yes. One year against faulty workmanship.

Shipping: Free. 

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