Purple Black Pagoda Umbrella - Ribbon bows and lace trim - 16 ribs - Everyday Shade or rain - Halloween Accessory


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This is a well-made umbrella with a pretty trim of black lace and ribbon bows. The bright purple and black waterproof fabric has a nice sheen to it and all 16 panels are nicely stretched over the pagoda shaped canopy. This is the perfect everyday accessory for sun, fun, rain and Halloween of course!

Designer:    Soake. England.

Style/Color:    Pagoda. Purple and black alternate panels.

Materials:     Steel ribs, Polyester, Rubberized black handle.

Manual opening. Manual closing.

Approx. dimensions:    36' length. 36" width.

Return:    Yes. Please read terms of sale for details.

Questions? Please email Leabrig66@yahoo.com.